A common challenge for business is cash flow. So when it comes to getting paid, why not make it easy.

Traditional payment methods like BPAY, EFT or even the good old-fashioned cheque are the staple for accepting payments in business, but have you considered accepting payments via credit card? Oh no, sounds complicated! Not anymore, before you know you can be processing your first credit card payment online.

Be flexible in payment options you provide

There are varying reasons why customers prefer different payment option, access to online banking, a department may have an expense credit card or just to collect rewards offers by credit card providers. Whatever the reason, your client has a preferred option, and credit card may be high on their preference list.

Make your invoice clean and clear

Your invoice should clearly show the payment options you accept. Adding a link to your credit card payment form (yourdomain.com.au/pay) makes it easy for your customers to pay, almost immediately without needing to log into online banking.

Consider the surcharge

Before you pass on any costs associated with running a merchant facility, consider if the small credit card surcharge is worth absorbing or passing on. Weigh up the benefits of getting paid sooner compared to your admin costs in following up accounts.

Credit cards offer rewards

Many credit cards offer rewards points on eligible purchases. These points can be redeemed for different things including lifestyle products, gift vouchers and frequent flyer points in a range of airline programs. In addition, most rewards credit cards offer customers the ability to earn bonus points and redeem points online. This can be a huge incentive for some customers.

Don’t be liable by writing down a credit card number

Remember that payment details provided by your customers are extremely sensitive pieces of information. When you ask your customers to write down their credit card details on an invoice, order form or even over the phone, you are then liable for the storing of this extremely sensitive data. When dealing with this information, you will need to pay attention to privacy and security issues rated to storing of credit card data. Using a secure credit card service provides you and your customer the level of security and peace of mind needed when handling this information. That’s what they do and that’s what they specialise in.

If the numbers add up, offering a credit card payment option is a lot simpler to setup than ever before. Whether you go through a traditional bank like Westpac, CBA, NAB or 3rd party services like PayPal or Stripe, integrating it with your site has never been easier.

Need help with settings up a secure credit card payment system on your website? get in touch with WordPress Ninjas. We’ll make it happen.

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