There’s no turning back. E-commerce is no longer the way of the future. It’s a thing of the now, and well and truly embedded in our consumer culture. Remember the days when customers used to be scared to use credit cards online? Now we whip them out with barely a second thought.

But that doesn’t mean you don’t need to earn your customers’ trust. In fact, online consumers are savvier than ever. If your e-commerce site isn’t up to scratch, they’ll pick it up in a second and bounce faster than an over-caffeinated bunny.

To earn your customers’ trust, stay up-to-date with technology and increase your website’s conversions, make sure you’re doing these 5 things in 2015.

Make it responsive

The numbers are in. An astonishingly high number of people are visiting your website using their smart phones. According to a recent ACMA study, use of the internet via mobile phone grew by 193% in three years, with 8.3 million active users as of December 2013.

For a while there, the trend was to create mobile-optimised versions of websites. We now know that Google hates these. So what’s the solution? A truly-responsive website. This way your website will adapt to whichever device it’s being viewed on – including all of those new models that are yet to be released.

 Let the people speak

What’s better than tooting your own horn? Having other people toot it for you. Letting customers leave reviews (both bad and good) gives your website credibility, increases your conversions, boosts your SEO and helps you deliver better customer service. Not convinced? Take a look at sites like Amazon and eBay. These e-commerce websites are prime examples of the power of ratings and reviews.

Lead your customer’s journey

Your e-commerce website has one main purpose – to sell products. Make sure your website is designed with conversions in mind to lead customers smoothly and effortlessly to the checkout. What’s the best way to do this? With clear calls-to-action and smart user experience (UX) design.

Sell with pictures

It seems so obvious, but you’d be surprised how many e-commerce sites still haven’t gotten this one right. Your customers want to know what your product looks like up close, from the side, in their hand and every other which way. Zoom is a must-have feature, and showing items in context is a great way to demonstrate size and usage options.

Get social

Social media isn’t going away. Just like with ratings and reviews, the power of people is huge. The right person’s endorsement online can make a huge difference to sales, so it’s your job to make it easy for this to happen.

There are plenty of ways to integrate social media into your website, from building in sharing capabilities to making the most of social media logins.

The benefits of getting social are huge. Customers who use social sign-in spend more time on sites and make more purchases than regular customers, and in the case of Levi’s e-commerce site, adding one simple Facebook ‘like’ button to its product pages increased referral traffic by 40%.

With experts tipping e-commerce sales to reach $10 billion in 2015, it’s never been a better time to make sure your e-commerce website is the best that it can be.

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Nickolas Kardamitsis

An accomplished Digital Producer, Nickolas compliments his well- developed WordPress and digital production skills with a keen design aesthetic. This unique combination ensures WordPress projects are intuitive, targeted and well-considered every time.
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